Boy Caught During Rape With 6 Years Girl

Boy Caught During Rape With 6 Years Girls In Field

A Boy Caught During Rape With 6 Years Girl, recently in morning a little baby girl tricked by a boy take her nearby in the field and tried to start rape with her but when she start to cry than nearest people comes and that way they caught the boy and start to beat too much, after mess they took the boy to his home for long punish to reduce such incidents in future.

In India it is not new, every on knows on daily and weekly basis most of the innocents girls got raped with anonymous boys and man.

The Authorities are silent and not able to take action against such rapists in society and that’s the reason to increases no of rape cases all over in India even in a big cities.

Most of the parents complaints against such bad rapists but police is not taking interest to catch such culprits and give the punish to reduce such accidents in future even before this a man raped with 3 month new born baby in Delhi but still the culprit did not catch by police.

Watch this Video and How People Beat Him After Catch Him During Rape

So we all need to educate in society and to appeal sources if they can stop such cases in future because in the society there is a fear and panic in women, girls and also in a parents but it seems there is no justice far in this country so that is the reason people against Narendra Modi’s Govt because in this govt women feel insecure everywhere before go out of home.

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